Corvair Corsa/Spyder

GM Part # 1543431

Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge Thermistor Characteristics

This plot was done by Herb Berkman in 1974 and published once in the CORSA West newsletter, The Westwind. My copyright notice on the plot below is a declaration of my authorship of the electronic image (which is significantly different from the gray, photocopy-of-a-photocopy I recieved). In no way should this be construed to be a claim of authorship of the plot itself.

In an email to me, Herb offered the following advice about this plot:

This data was never intended to be an accurate recreation of the thermistor
characteristics. It was only to get a baseline for one unit.
Anyone who looks at this curve needs to be advised:

a. It is from a sample of only one part.
b. The part that was tested was 10 years old and had been in use for about
60,000 miles.
c. The data was taken using instruments that had not been calibrated.
If this test was run on a greater number of parts, the data would probably vary
considerably. There might even be additional variation beween new and used

CorsaThermistor4.gif (62675 bytes)

Many thanks to Lew Rishel for this durned-near extinct information.

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